Customized Website Development, Analytics, Dedicated Hosting and Domain Name

We can all agree that the methods we used to communicate 25 years ago are not the same as those used today. With the growth of the Internet as the primary tool for site selection, today’s developers often conduct the early stages of a search without even contacting the communities they are considering. While that makes the process more efficient for site seekers and economic development organizations, it also means that communities that lack a robust web presence are missing opportunities without even realizing it.

Development Delivered will work hand-in-hand with your city to create a custom website, with all the properties, maps, images, and information developers are looking for.

Your website will feature:

The database of available properties can be updated by anyone in your community, including real estate agents and property owners. They simply enter text and images into the online form, and our system adds maps and additional development information when adding it to the listings on your site.

We will register an appropriate domain name for the site, and host it on our server. Once the site is up and running, we offer full service web support for additions and revisions, keeping the content fresh, accurate, and up-to-date.

The support doesn’t stop there, however. We’ll be able to monitor who visits your website, the specific pages they accessed, and how much time they spent browsing each section of your site. We then provide that information to you so that you can follow up with them right away. Our web analytics provide some the richest data available.

The Internet can transform the very nature of a city’s economy and greatly support its economic development and growth.

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