How it Works for Communities, Municipalities, and Chambers of Commerce

Development Delivered was created from a vision where developers, businesses, and community representatives alike could all have easy access to the information they require to stimulate economic development. We offer each community a platform for effectively marketing its development opportunities to thousands of decision-makers. The marketing tools we provide allow you to present your community in a way that attracts the right developers and businesses to your area.

We provide you with an economic development website where you can feature:

These details provide developers and business representatives the key information they need when considering your community for development projects.

Development Delivered also offers a comprehensive email campaign and marketing magazine, allowing you to effectively promote your community to our vast network of decision-makers.

Local governments recognize the importance of Development Delivered as a valuable tool for the economic development of targeted areas in their communities. The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and development. Development Delivered works with communities, providing access to key economic and development information, connecting communities to businesses and developers everywhere, and opening up avenues of communication.

Keep Your Community Happy

You have an end goal, and using Development Delivered can give you a clear and simple path to reaching it. The extra months and expense it would take to arrive at your own solution can cause developers to turn their attention to other communities. You can avoid this outcome with Development Delivered, which can meet your needs immediately.

Development Delivered can help your community successfully market available properties to developers, without investing in infrastructure or technology creation for economic development marketing.

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