Need Help With Your Economic Development? We Deliver.

When it comes to economic development, every community faces the same challenges:

At Development Delivered, we understand how overwhelming it can be to address those challenges, and recognized that communities can make tremendous strides in gaining exposure amongst developers, site selectors, and business representatives with something as easy as boosting their online presence. The solution is simple and affordable for communities, agencies, and businesses of all sizes.

What is Development Delivered?

Development Delivered is a digital marketing solution for communities, businesses, and developers alike. We have created a white-label platform that enables our clients to promote economic development opportunities by communicating directly with their target audience. As a result, our powerful marketing tools and resources are helping to bridge the gap between communities and developers.

Who Works with Us?

Development Delivered has a two-pronged approach to promoting economic development. We provide communities and municipalities the tools and resources they need to market available development opportunities, attract new businesses to their area, communicate directly with prospective developers and business representatives, and follow up on any leads that are generated. We also work with development firms, engineers, and planning agencies that are interested in promoting their recent and ongoing development projects, sharing information about the communities they work with, and advertise the services they provide.

What Do You Get?

We offer a portfolio of marketing products and services to help connect communities and developers. You receive a dedicated, personalized economic development website where you can promote available properties and the benefits of doing business in your community. Visitors to your site will be able to read and print a comprehensive, professionally designed marketing magazine that provides even more detailed information that will help market the assets of your community.

However, a strong online presence isn’t enough on its own because it relies on the ability of people to find and visit your website unsolicited. Therefore, we also provide you with an email marketing campaign that enables you to communicate directly with our network of thousands of decision-makers in the economic development sector (commercial, retail, residential, industry developers and many more). These emails contain clickable links that help drive visitors to your website so they can obtain additional information.

Most importantly, you get to see first-hand the return on your marketing investment. We provide detailed analytics on those who receive your email, open it, and click on links to your website. From there, we can tell you the specific pages they visited on your site, and how much time they spent on each page. With this invaluable information, you can see the interest generated by your website and email campaign, thus enabling you to follow up on any leads right away.

You know what is best for the community you represent—Development Delivered can help.

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Services include:

A customized economic development website, dedicated hosting and support, and detailed analytics on visitors to your site......more information

Access to our comprehensive network of developers, including commercial, retail, industrial, residential, and other contacts......more information

Strategic email campaigns to our network, with detailed analytic and tracking reports...more information

“The City of Peru has worked with MCS Advertising and their Development Delivered product for a year and half. It has been a vital component to our economic development outreach program. Their services included the creation of our custom designed economic development standalone website, a custom email marketing program and a highly robust analytics tool to measure and record the amount of traffic we receive. The packaged services that they provide allow me to effectively market and respond to the inquiries we get about developing business within the City of Peru. I highly recommend their product and service.”

Bob Vickrey
Economic Development Director
City of Peru, IL

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